Duty to Diversify, Texas Bankers AssociationDavid F. Johnson, lead writer for the Texas Fiduciary Litigator blog,  presented “Asset Concentrations and the Duty to Diversify” to the Texas Bankers Association’s Real Estate, Oil and Gas Conference, in San Antonio on March 24, 2017.  This presentation discussed the history of a trustee’s duty to diversify, the current definition of  diversification, common-law and statutory legal requirements for diversification, trust provisions that can limit the duty, judicial and non-judicial methods to limit the risk of not diversifying, and the potential ramifications for violating a duty to diversify.  David’s paper and presentation are attached.

Presentation – Trustee Duty to Diversify 2017 Paper – Duty To Diversify Paper 2

Paper – Duty To Diversify Paper 2