David F. Johnson recently published a new law review article: “Tricks, Traps, and Snares in Appealing a Summary Judgment in Texas, 72 BAYLOR L. REV. 564 (Fall 2020).” David originally published this article in 1998 with Chief Justice William J. Cornelius of the Sixth Court of Appeals of Texas. David’s original article has been cited by the Texas Supreme Court and the Texas Courts of Appeals located in Dallas, Houston, Waco, and Texarkana. This new version is substantially more detailed and reflects the current law on various issues that a party faces when appealing or defending against an appeal of a summary judgment order. Among other things, the article discusses the standards and scopes of review for traditional and no-evidence motions for summary judgment; pleading requirements; drafting considerations for a motion, response, and reply; appealing interlocutory orders; mandamus review of denials of summary judgment motions; timing and evidence issues; motions for continuance; appellate record issues; briefing issues; and the waiver of appellate rights.

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